Components of our Heated Garment Liners

Thermal-Electric System - Garment - Battery Harness

Thermal-Electric System - Starts with a very thin copper wire about the thickness of a human hair, coiled around a core, then fibre wrapped and the whole is then coated with plastic insulation. These heater wires, one for each circuit, are connected to lead wires which travel along the bottom of the garment to the main wires. These larger gauge main wires are secured into a side seam, extend into the left side pocket and end in a connector. This connector when pulled through an opening in the pocket bottom mates with a fused harness that connects to the engines battery terminals. All connections are insulated from each other and are not affected when wet.


Our liners consist of four layers. An outer nylon shell quilted to a polyester "thermolam" insulation. A polyester scrim layer under that is what actually carries the heater wire. Last is the inner nylon lining that is smooth to the touch and hides the "guts" of the electrical-system. We use nylon knit for collars and cuffs. To cut down pant bulk we use stretch "lycra" side panels.

Our liners are durable, practical carriers of our heating system. Any color you want as long as it's black. We leave the fashion stuff to others to give you durable warmth at a reasonable price.

Battery Harness

Each garment liner comes with its' own. Fused at 10 amps and built to handle any two of our current garment liners (with our BH175 Splitter). Comes with installation instructions for us "dummies".

Electrical Requirements

To find your electrical system accessory capacity
*Engines peak alternator output capacity(watts)
*Minus draw of the units electrical components(watts)
(* - Info from units manual or from dealer)(watts=ampsxvolts)
Equals - usable draw for accessories(watts)

Average Draw Black Jack Products (sizes 32-60 & xsm-xlg)

Jacket Liner - 4.3 amps @ 13.5 volts = 58 watts
Vest Liner - 3.6 amps @ 13.5 volts = 49 watts
Pant Liner - 2.8 amps @ 13.5 volts = 38 watts