By the year 2004 New Age Motorcycle Accessories Ltd., had serviced the Canadian power sport industry with heated garments and other accessories for over twenty-five years. The retirement of its owner offered two "New Age" sub-contractors an opportunity to carry on with the heated garment end of the business. One sub-contractor manufactured the garments and the other provided the heated electrical system assembly. The formation of Electrowear Manufacturing Ltd. brought these people together and, working with those at New Age over a one year period, one company took over from the other. Along with established products came a method of doing business, a direction to marketing products and an attitude towards dealing with business in general.

Electrowear Manufacturing Ltd.,

Will Continue To:

Business Relations

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    Keep our enterprise simple and provide services that are of genuine benefit to those with whom we do business.

Product Quality

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    Manufacture only durable, unadorned, reasonably priced products of exceptional value to those who use them.

Product Service

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    Take action within one working day on all sales and service activities that come to our attention.

    Investigate any expression of dissatisfaction regarding the quality, safety or value of our products.

Our obligation to you is to resolve any problem with fairness and in a timely manner.