Frequently Asked Questions

Product Uses

Cool Rider

A healthy person is not harmed permanently by mild exposure but most bike riders know the uncomfortable feeling caused when it takes hold. The body to counter the cold penetrating its' core retains heat by restricting blood flow to the arms and legs. This causes impaired nerve function resulting in stiffness of movement and a slowing of reactions. That's why even very mild Hypothermia is not good news on a bike.

Heated Garment Benefits

The toasty warm feeling is great but as a safety issue the main benefit is guarding the body's trunk temperature against the penetration of cold, particularly over long periods of exposure.

Electrical Installation

Each product comes with a battery harness and instructions for hooking it up to a 12 volt system. The harness is long enough for almost all installations however harness extensions are available. Most systems have no trouble handling one or two garments. On how to determine what your system will handle check our "Electrical System" page.

Comfort Factors

Insulated garments trap body heat to keep you from feeling cold. Our thermal electric technology provides radiant heat within our liner to wrap you in a layer of warmth. The closer the radiant heat is to your body, the more warmth you will feel.

To maximize your comfort we suggest the following:

Take advantage of our form fit sizing, choose a liner that is snug but not tight for uniform contact and an all-over feeling of warmth. Try a T-shirt type, single layer of clothing under your heated liner. If that's proves too warm use something a bit heavier. You will soon learn the appropriate weight to use under various riding conditions.

When extra warmth is needed wear a weather proof, insulated jacket over your liner.

Garment Liner Care

A little care and consideration will extend the life of your warm friend. Avoid any action that will penetrate or damage the thermal-electric wiring inside the liner. Roll the liner to compact it for on-board storage. Gently hand wash and rinse in cool water - hang to dry.