by Electrowear Manufacturing.

Our Concern: We at Electrowear Manufacturing standby our watchwords “Ride Warm with Black Jack”. Body chill is bad news on a bike. Sluggish reaction time due to even mild hypothermia can have grievous results. Without protection cool weather riders can experience anxious moments on the road. These are not soon forgotten. It is better to ride warm and ride safe.

The Problem: A healthy person is not harmed permanently by mild exposure but most bike riders know the uncomfortable feeling caused when it takes hold. The body to counter the cold penetrating its’ core retains heat by restricting blood flow to the arms and legs. This causes impaired nerve function resulting in stiffness of movement and a slowing of reactions.

The Solution: For cool weather riding we present our heated vests, jackets and pants for your consideration. Black Jack heated riding wear is backed by over thirty years experience in keeping riders warm. Our classic designs are just plain, functional, useful gear.  All are available in any colour.  Just as long as it’s black!

Check us out: You’ll find we can compete.

Just a note: Electrowear heated products are Canadian made by local people who take pride in their work and the Black Jack brand.

We thank you for considering to ride warm with Black Jack.


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